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Why scrunchies?

So here goes, I've never been confident to talk about my experiences or myself on paper, let alone did I think i'd be writing a blog post, but there is a first for everything. 

Last year I travelled to America with my husband and some family members for a wedding. When we landed in New York I was instantly in love with the fast paced city. Our flight had been delayed so we were in a rush to get to our room, change and head out to the hens and bucks party. I washed and blow dried my hair but within minutes of stepping out into the busy city of Soho, my hair was an instant frizz factory. 

I jumped in a taxi to get to the location and when I got dropped off I walked past a convenience store, I ran in bought a scrunchie ( I couldn't find an elastic), tied my hair up in a messy bun and rushed off to the venue. My love for scrunchies was instantly restored. 

Growing up my mum always liked to pair my outfits with a matching headband, scrunchie or a hat. I was always obsessed with my hair and how I was going to wear it each day. Mum would make my scrunchies, I had one that matched every outfit, every dance costume and even my school uniform. I guess you could say my mum is the reason I became obsessed with my hair. 

Over the years I've dyed my hair numerous colours, but always found that the minute I tied it up it would be left with a kink and sometimes when I took my elastic out I would pull my hair out with it. I now have ballayage and find that if I don't take care of it, it gets weak. We spend so much money on shampoo and hair dressers to then rip it out with a crappy elastic. I wore my scrunchie from New York everywhere and for the first time i was not rushing to fix my hair before we went out, no breakage, no damage and no hand full of hair wrapped around the elastic that takes 20 minutes to get out. Not to mention they look great as an accessory on your wrist and don't leave ugly red marks behind. 

Skip forward to 2018, I started my own scrunchie business with my mum and so far it has been a great ride and my hair has never been healthier! 

I am now expecting my first baby on December 7th. I had heard people say in the past when you're pregnant your hair falls out, it feel gross, it doesn't grow and so on... I now know that this isn't a myth! My hair has been falling out and it doesn't have that ballayage glow! My scrunchies have been my saviour. I can curl my hair in the morning tie it up for work and when I take it out of an afternoon it's the same! The materials we use at the scrunchie bunch and co are soft so your hair doesn't stick to them and you never have to spend 20 minutes trying to get the hair knots balls off your elastic. 

So if you haven't yet, grab a scrunchie! Give it a go. I promise you will never turn back!



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